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Greece Generation Crisis - Faces

During a one day sailing trip from Marina Alimos ( Athens ) to the Moni Islet near Aigina I met 14 young Greeks. We where there for diffent reasons and our position in life was completely different.  I am a Greek artist and theorist who have spend almost 30 years living in Germany, so basically alienated in a social and cultural way. There are young, smart and educaded people between 25 and 30. They are definetely part of contemporary Europe but they have to cary the difficult and heavy legacy of  a corrupt state, they  belog to the  "generation crisis". Greece is in a very deep financial and social crisis since 2009. The roots, the reasons and causes of the greek crisis are of course much older and deeper. It is not my purpose to investigate this topic. My goal is to depict the surface, the phenomenology of the bodies and the faces of “generation crisis”.  

All of them they have dreams and expectations, they are full of joy for life, but they lack clarity and perspectives,…

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