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THE PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY - Sailing in Italy ( Part Two )

PART TWO This is part two of my sailing itinerary from South France, through Italy to Greece.

... It is rather a reflection on time, history and art or a kind of personal revision  than a current blog entry. The sail trip took place on late summer 2011. I was then in a different life situation and a different state of mind. At this time I have defined myself as a traveler and independent intellectual, now as a artist. Everything is of course interconnected and nothing is completely new or completely different and this is the point of this new entry. A Revision or an Update of intellectual and artistic believes, habits and values. Belief revision is the process of changing beliefs to take into account a new piece of information and experience. Revision is an almost inevitable process of change of our minds as the time passes. Our believes, habits and values are open to transformation as time passes and new experiences are made ... 

you can read part one here: THE PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY - …

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